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Share Your Favorite Documentaries Thread!

Guest Al5x

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SELF EXPLANATORY, I'll start us off with some basic suggestions:



Despite the seeming correlation in the title this documentary has nothing to do with 9/11. All about the 2008 financial collapse and everyone and everything that caused it to happen. Very, very interesting, at least for the subject matter, very maddening in places, and a bit too thick in information to process all in one sitting (at least for me :lol: ).




A documentary that interviews and describes some of the major players of the utterly massive coke importation business in the 1970's and 80's, extremely fast paced, full of likable characters and honestly far more intriguing and enjoyable than movies like Scarface. This film is pure entertainment.




Deeply disturbing documentary following one of the most notorious child molesting priests of all time. Gripping, disgusting and oddly interesting.



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The Great Happiness of Space - A very interesting documentary about Japanese hosts. I thought I was gonna watch some wacky Japanese documentary but it turned out to be quite sad but also very interesting.


Anyone interested in Japanese culture should check this one out.

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seeing this in 3d was one of the best theater experiences I have ever had






theres a ton more, this is just what came to mind first, grizzly man is also really good.

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I was just about to say that it was great to have not seen King of Kong of this thread, dammit Fred.


This one made me respect the Amish a great deal, and AFX is on the soundtrack!




I put this in the youtube thread a while ago but this is a good little insight into the joys of high rise living.



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Man on Wire


for some reason I hated this


Grizzly Man







some of my personal favorites are probably the Adam Curtis series of docs about America, terrorism, PR and so on. The best information-wise being Century of the Self. 10/10









one of my favorite movies everrr










lesser known but fully mindblowing. not exactly a documentary, not exactly anything really.



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Guest Rambo

Man on Wire and Microcosmos are both really good. I will never, ever, ever understand people who can stomach heights in that way. It's just foreign to me.


Horse Dynasty was pretty good. It's basically about a top secret project in the mid to late 50's where some pretty shady characters in the US government tried to create the ultimate horse. Many people got rich and many more were killed. It's horrible but brilliant.


American Movie: The Making of Northwestern is pretty funny as well

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Guest Adjective

hoop dreams

king of kong

persona non grata (america undercover episode by oliver stone in palestine :cisfor: )


i saw both of these a long time ago but i loved them, never saw them again...

God's Country (1986)


and.. i'm not sure if this is the right one, i can't find any clips but Place de la République(?) it came on TCM right before God's Country, so i think it was a louis malle block or something. but the one i'm thinking of i think was black and white and he just walked around an area of france talking to people on the street, people doing errands and the vendors. doesn't sound interesting when i try to describe it but i enjoyed it.

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