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Machinedrum - Room(s)


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Machinedrum - Room(s)


Jul 25, 2011 - Planet Mu - ZIQ307


1 She Died There 4:06

2 Now U Know The Deal 4 Real 3:51

3 Sacred Frequency 4:28

4 U Don't Survive 4:44

5 Come1 6:44

6 Youniverse 3:17

7 GBYE 4:26

8 The Statue 3:55

9 Lay Me Down 3:57

10 Door(s) 5:21

11 Where Did We Go Wrong? 4:20



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is there a machinedrum official webpage with maybe reviews of particular albums i'm looking for a sweet review of half the battle 2

Half the Battle was the remix collection from his 1st album (Now You Know) and was also released as a series of 12"s. A couple of new Machinedrum tracks and remixes mainly from other merck artists. It's pretty sweet.

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Guest Enter a new display name

This is the first time I really enjoy a juke album. Excellent work, Machinedrum!

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For me it's a nice album, but nothing compared to his "Many Faces". I don't understand why he put silly vocals on every track and a lot of stuff sounds quite interchangeable. i was hoping for more...

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Yeah the new SBTRKT album is garbage... funny though his shorter releases are quite nice. Maybe silly is not the right word, but often I was thinking "These vocals aren't needed at all"

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wow what an album! have to say it's been awhile since I've listened to anything by him, but damn this is good. really think this will bring him more recognition.

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Guest blakeboogie

This is really good, never heard anything from this guy before. Juke that you can actually listen to, who'd of thunk it!

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      vladislav footwork album out now
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      Mike P congratulations  and thank you so much for all the dope artist and murziq you introduced us ❤️
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