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Favourite vintage video game soundtrack?


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if videogame companies were record labels, Treasure is my favorite videogame music imprint





you can download this comp i put together(click the link above) or listen to some of the better tracks below




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Guest disparaissant

when i was little i loved this

especially the space level music, even if it's incredibly repetitive.


oh and for faux-old school, you can't beat the new megaman games

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Guest placidburp

Oh god, I wish I hadn't done this...I want to play this so badly now!






oops, probably doesnt count as vintage...or 8bit? Still... I love this!

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i'm really partial to the sonic 2 soundtrack. it was the first game i ever owned, and this metropolis zone track is the first thing i ever sampled (at age 5, holding a fisher price tape recorder up to the tv so i could listen to the music later in my room).




and this is just awesome:



edit, i'd just like to add that '

' from megaman 3 is one of the prettiest 8-bit tunes i've ever heard. and awepittance -- your treasure co compilation is great. i was pleased to hear a few tracks from gunstar heroes in there, i adored that game
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oh yeah, earthboundddddddddddddddddddd


also there's a song that sounds exactly like Not Disturbing Mammoth 1 (or visa versa) but I can't seem to find it.

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dude that is awesome (last ninja). second one particularly. it has a part that sounds like kraftwerk's trans europe express at 4:11 min.

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