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AudioGL modular synth and sequencer


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it's just eye candy complicating things. totally unnecessary. looks cool, tho.


i'd like to see this as some sort of extension for daws that could visualize tracks you've already made. just for the cool factor.

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Can't wait to give this a go.


More than anything else, I'm just completely in awe of the guy who's managed to put all of this together. Hard to wrap my head around how much work must have gone into this.


it also does look like a lot of fun!


If it can be made to work with this:



I just might shit myself.


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the sounds so far are pretty cool

there's some preset "chains" on the side in the first view to walk you through so to speak

be sure to press the upper buttons in the middle to be able to mess around

the rest is pretty self explanatory, so far -weirdly enough- pretty straightforward!

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Tutorial videos





The price for a Beta License is $80 USD. Users who have purchased a Beta License will be given a free Early Adopter Upgrade to Version 1.0!

The price of AudioGL Version 1.0 will be approximately $150 USD when it is released.


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