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list your favorite synths

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out of curiosity


I suggest each list their favorite


1. software synthesizer


2. hardware synthesizer


and maybe which you like more













software synth:

so far the FM8. I like the sounds it's capable of and I've enjoyed exploring it thus far. I feel somewhat bored with it from time to time... I feel really like I need some hardware I can be more enthusiastic to play with. overall though it can produce most sounds that I'm after rather quickly, seeing how flexible it is. still, like I said, my mind wants even more possibilities, and I don't mean like Reaktor.



I'm 21 and I don't own any hardware. I've got a casio nearby that I circuit bent but it's so fucked up from that I can't get it to turn on now. I've got a shitty Akai drum machine that I utilize from time to time. luckily I do have an amazing drumset, piano, guitar, and bass at my disposal instead [boring].





I really need some new synths though

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software - Reaktor 5

hardware - Micromodular or FS1r (both could be usurped by my Monomachine but I've only had it for a year so I've still a lot of usage to get out of it)

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Guest Diao

My favorite hardware synth I've used would be a tie between an Sh-101, a Memorymoog, and a Jupiter 8.


My favorite synth that I actually own would probably be my Oberheim Matrix 1000, but the fucking thing has this nasty hum its developed that pisses me off to no end. I have no idea if its fixable or not, and if it is, I don't know who to take it to to fix it. Harumph.


So I guess my favorite fully working synth would be my Unique DBE.


As far as a fav softsynth, I have no idea. I use them very, very rarely, and when I do, its at random.

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Guest MrSparkle666

^ We have similar taste...


Software: Ichiro Toda's Synth-1 (most of the time) and Dcam Synth Squad (when I'm trying to 'fake' analog itb).


Hardware - A toss between my Shruthi-1 and my Juno-60, but I dream of someday owning an sh-101 (almost considered trading my Juno for one)

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Guest hahathhat

1. novation v-station, crystal, massive

2. sh101, prophet VS, ms2000, casios


these days i find the hardware much more engaging

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Guest Adam

Software: Mantis 307


My friend wrote that! He'd be delighted to know this!


Nice! I really love that synth. Very simple but I'm not a synth geek so It fits most of my needs and sounds absolutely awesome. If only it would have a lfo...

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