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Bring Back Before - A Compilation Album for Joplin Missouri Tornado Relief

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Info: http://www.recessionrecordings.com/joplin-mo-charity-album/



47 artists donated tracks to help fund raise money for the people in Joplin Missouri whos town was devastated approximately 2 weeks ago.




Yeah it's kinda hard to read. Featuring unreleased tracks from watmm music makers such as hautlle & edifice, not to mention Dino Felipe, shitbird, H.P. Sneakstep, Sir Vixx, Halluciphile, and a shit ton more.



Hard copies will be available apparently.

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Guest illfly mandog

Glad I got a chance to contribute to this good cause! There are some ace tracks(and a few big names) :emotawesomepm9: !!

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Yo, just caught this thread, was looking for a while. Glad to contribute to this. I played in a lot of soccer tournaments as a kid in Joplin and my mind was blown by seeing the destruction that occurred. A lot of my hospital coworkers have made trips to volunteer down there.

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