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Are you a burger lover?


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Alright all you food lovers, and especially all you burger lovers...(I know there's tons of you on this forum). I love hamburgers. I love spicy food. I love gourmet ingredients. Put these all together and you get....


Habanator 2: Judgment Bacon


In 1984, Sarah Avoconner was targeted for appetite suppression by a spicy hamburger from the future. The burger was infused with one whole habanero pepper (to add a delicious and deadly kick), a slice of black forest bacon for character, avocado for extra creamy texture, aged cheddar for a sharp and refined flavor, and caramelized onions for a sweet finish.


Kyle Grease was sent back in time to protect her. Now, the human resistance has reprogrammed a new burger in order to feed her son, John Avoconner, the future leader of the very same resistance. This newly reprogrammed "Habanator" must nourish the Avoconners at all costs, and protect them from the B-1000, an assassin forged from baconium alloy (liquid bacon). Should John, Sarah, and the Habanator fail, Frynet will become self-aware and there will be no stopping Judgment Bacon!



And remember...there's no burger but what we make for ourselves.




Recipe (1 burger)





8 ounces grass fed organic ground beef (20% fat)

1 slice black forest bacon (cut into two pieces)

1.5 ounces sliced Grafton Village Cheese Classic Reserve Two-Year Aged Cheddar

1/2 medium avocado (mashed)

1 finely diced habanero pepper

1/3 sliced sweet yellow onion

2/3 tablespoon brown sugar

1 Ezekiel 4:9 Sprouted Grain Burger Bun

1-2 slices large tomato

1/3 teaspoon salt

olive oil







Prep: Slice the onion into thin slices and dice the habanero. Cut slice of bacon in half. Sautee onions in a pan with olive oil and brown sugar (more brown sugar may be

added for extra sweetness) until golden brown. Set aside.


Cooking: Add diced habanero pepper to ground beef and mix well. Form into patty shape. Salt one of the sides, then put on grill under medium heat, salted side down.

Lightly salt exposed side. Cook for a few minutes, flip patty once and cook for a few more minutes. Cook to desired doneness, but works best medium rare (pink and juicy

inside). While second side is cooking, add burger bun to grill and sliced cheese on top of patty. On a heated pan, add sliced bacon and cook for 30-45 seconds each side.

(be careful not to overcook, it burns quickly!) Remove bread from grill after lightly toasted, then remove burger patty and add to bun. Add tomato, avocado, onions, and

bacon to burger.





I've entered this bad boy into the L.A. Times Battle of the Burgers food contest. If you guys can vote for me and/or spread the word, I'd really appreciate it! http://on.fb.me/mlX885

It's all done on facebook and you can vote once per day for a burger. Trust me, it's fucking delicious, and you must vote...to support a fellow wattmer and most importantly...to prevent Judgment Bacon!


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Voted for yours!


I'm going to try one of these recipes tonight!


Thanks man! We're doing quite well right now! If you can, please remember to vote daily as it accepts one vote per day!

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Avocado and Habanero sounds like a good combo. I'm not sure I'll like the Habanero flavor in combination with the meat though. But I love cooking chili with three to five Habaneros for the whole pot, so I guess I will. Honestly, I never managed to get the patty right when I made burgers. You don't add anything but salt and Habanero? Was that what I did wrong, tried adding too many spices? :blink:


Do you use a yellow or a red Habanero?


edit: As I've stated in some bullshit thread, I recently made myself a Habanero-tea to serve as medicine for my throat. Although it did help, I advice against doing this. It was one of the most horrible things I ever consumed. I used two whole ones and even squeezed them to get all the juice out of them, so maybe that was the mistake. It was almost boiling, it was hotness from the Capsaicin and it was liquid so it immediately spread everywhere ... :wtf:

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