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Primarily for Obel

Tessier Ashpool

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Gametrailers first - for "official" footage:





Some gameplay from youtube:






I have no fucking idea if I'm excited for this shit or not. On first glance it looks like Hayashi took a huge crap over the series, but on further examination there is the potential for awesome here. In particular, what initially look like QTE's are, potentially, up to user control. I think the gametrailers/official vids are basically a showcase for new elements - things look a lot more interesting in the last video, where you can see a regular dude just playing the game.


Need a demo. Post Haste.

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Hmmm... It looks like Ninja Gaiden 2 but with elements to slow the game down..


I don't like the QTE bits at all. I know they said they'd make it harder to cut through people but I thought they'd just make the animations less quick, more brutal like. I would much prefer that to constant stoppage in the gameplay. I mean, Ninja Gaiden is about sheer speed, reflexes and timing. Charging into a room and fucking everybody up while looking awesome. The whole satisfying thing about the game is how quickly you can dispatch a group of enemies without a pause.. Constantly stopping the gameplay to hit X is shit, regardless of how cinematic it looks.


Also... it's taken them this long to make a game that looks and is animated exactly the same as NG2? I expected somewhat more of an improvement.


In summary: Bleh, but not surprised.

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Yeah . . . in trolling some other places it looks like the QTE's function similar to-


Damn, man, that is one freaky ass avatar.




-similar to OT's in NG2 - not required (and button prompts don't pop up after you go through the tutorial) but there if you want to use them. Makes me feel a little less worried, because I think you still can roll through and just fuck shit up without pause (or not, if you want to use these bone/slash moves). It really depends on whether or not they balance things right - the pure awesome of NG is allowing you to be creative in your combat, and if they force any of this shit . . . well, I'll still probably buy it but I'll have to constantly remind myself it's not the NG I've come to love.

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