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looking for music like julien neto


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Le Fumeur De Ciel is one of my favorite albums. I haven't really found anything that similar to it. It has this French, smokey sound to it. I'd say your best bets would be: Deaf Center, The Dead Texan, Bersarin Quartett, and the first Jacaszek album. They all have a late night sound to them. Other great modern classical/ambientish artists:


Jóhann Jóhannsson

Ryan Teague

Max Richter

Richard Skelton/Clouwbeck/etc

Marsen Jules

Harold Budd - Avalon Sutra

Leyland Kirby

Rafael Anton Irisarri

Sylvain Chauveau

Tiago Sousa



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and the first Jacaszek album.

This is about the closest you'll get, Treny is an awesome album if you can track down a copy.


Would also recommend Andrew Hargreaves' album Defragment and Field Rotation - Acoustic tales.



My man Christoph is killing it right now!

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Oops. I didn't really realize he had a couple albums before Treny. I should've mentioned Treny specifically. Haven't heard those two.


Few artists I forgot to mention:


Marcus Fjellström - Schattenspieler

Bastian Wegner - Elmsfeuer

Hildur Guðnadóttir

Indignant Senility - Plays Wagner

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