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'I Like Music' (new?) interview with Ed Handley

Guest sirch

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Guest sirch

interesting interview here


Ed Handley and Andrew Turner have been experimenting with sound, collating beats and morphing the void between ear drum and mind for a long time. The Warp Records veterans most recent projects include original scores for Michael Arias's anime films, ambisonic narratives for a cycle of poems by renowned Sami artist Nils Aslak Valkaeapää and their ninth studio album Scintilli, which focuses on the exploration of synthetic acoustic sounds.


I Like Music caught up with Ed Handley backstage at the Royal Albert Hall Loading Bay. With Plaid headlining The Red Bull Music Academy 3-D Soundclash, a Warp vs Ninja Tunes night featuring a very expensive, three dimensional soundsystem, we chatted about the future of live electronica, the tools behind Scintilli and losing all sense of time...





add any others you like (old or new) to this thread if you want...

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Good quote from the interview:


Ed: When you're really writing or making music effectively, you lose sense of time. It's kind of like obliteration. Not thinking. Maybe obliteration is the wrong word. It's forgetting you're human, forgetting that you're going to die and that you have to pay the rent. It's feeling happy ultimately, in a non-thinking, non-intellectual way. I suppose that's why most people appreciate music, that they kind of forget themselves. Just for a bit.

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