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Influx of bad artist names

eh Speedy

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Guest AcrossCanyons

I just came into to say Chill Murray

forever the best name


it's actually a crime to have claimed a name so great and released no music with it

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When I see an underground artist releasing his music with his real name (or something not too idiotic), I feel I gain some respect for him even if I don't like his music. Maybe it's some sense of seriousness that I respect, a feel of facing with honesty his occupation, which someone would brand as "pretentious" like some users in here.


It's exactly that seriousness that I hate. I'm with sneaksta on this, I get really turned off by musicians taking themselves too seriously.


Plus it's just less creative to leave the name associated with your work uncustomized, when given the option to customize it.


Adopting an artist name is an opportunity to exercise creative control over an essential aspect of your music's presentation. For artists who just use their own name, I tend to assume their music will be boring because they haven't taken any control over how it's presented, except to say "look at me! it's me! i made this!" (it's even worse if the album cover is a picture of them). I don't know if this is pretentious, but it is childish and egocentric.


I think it's cool to have a pseudonym because it's kind of like a hacker tag or something. Makes me feel like I'm living in a cyberpunk future.



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For artists who just use their own name, I tend to assume their music will be boring because they haven't taken any control over how it's presented


What a ridiculous presumption. Carl Craig, Ian Hawgood, Robert Hood, James Blake, Fennesz, Brian Eno, Jim O'Rourke. Plenty of styles here; to me they don't sound boring and they don't seem to haven't any control of their music. I see a pattern between these guys (cept Blake, who is a newcommer); they had large careers, with great works and they're still active. Whatever I see a guy with a moniker today, I don't expect him to release more than 2 LPs. I guess they enjoyed the fun and the "control", though.

nice little rant there. funnily enough you missed the part where the quote says "i tend to assume", which is basically saying that it's a generalisation.


so your list of 7 people against...what, how many other artists that use their own name and are bland?


nice rant.


edit: also, before you take my reply too seriously, welcome to WATMM.

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Why wouldn't you take your music seriously? why it's different from writing or filmmaking?

it isn't. writers and filmmakers should also lighten up! art isn't about professionalism, it's about having good ideas.

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my wife was listening to brokendate the other by CT (I refuse to type the name) and I was like "who is this?" she was like "I don't know some guy called Tom Cruise... He's not really Tom Cruise though!" I was like "OH FUCK!" Because I liked what I heard.


Asked her where she came across it and she said that she just randomly downloads stuff from XLR8R. So that was the only place she thinks she got it from because she knows she didn't buy it.


Although I like the tune, I still don't like the switching letters of other known artists/actors/sports figures names.


I did find a way to get over my OCD about his artist name... from now on I'm just going to associate everything he does as "airliner".

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And I just mean bad names in general. Zomby, wtf. I mean at least act like you sort of care what people call you. You're good, but you're not good enough to pull off that naptime of a name. And Cut Copy. Jesus, fuck you. yeah we get it, you were looking at your edit dropdown. Kill yourself.

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