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a bird just shat on my face

Guest Helper ET

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Guest Blue Peter Cheat

A bird shat right in my ear once. I have no idea how it managed it. I was was walking vertically (as one does on the mean streets of Dublin) and then POP! Straight in. I thought it was an insect flying in there. My finger said no.

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Guest rumbo

have you ever seen a spider poo? I have. I was in a hotel room near Amsterdam Airport, and my room faced a massive farmer's field. There was a sticker on the window warning against opening it because of the bugs. These windows were covered in spiders webs on the outside. When dusk arrived, all the spiders came out to set their traps. It was fucking terrifying, but I stood there behind the safety of the glass and watched them while smoking a spliff. I was concentrating on this one spider in particular and all of a sudden it curled up into a bracing position with its abdomen down, and let 3 small drops of dark fluid out.


It was either shit or piss. But it caught me by surprise. A spider shitting is not something I considered before.

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