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Balance 019 mixed by Henry Saiz


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Balance 019 mixed by Henry Saiz






The Spanish electronic producer Henry Saiz brings his unique formula to the esteemed mix series with an exciting conceptualized approach. Through attempting to occupy the creative space closer to that of an artist album, rather than a club mix, Henry has delicately created an odyssey in sound for the latest installation, Balance 019.



01. Intro – Taped memories, voice notes, still moments, through an old radio in a ghostly artificial paradise

02. Tyrane “King of the Invisible Land” (Henry Saiz’s We are the Music Makers 303 remix)

03. Hal Incandenza “Mystical Tree”

04. Henry Saiz “1981”

05. Jesse Somfay & Henry Saiz “Honey Wine”

06. Hal Incandenza “Little Mountains” (Henry Saiz High-End Re-work)

07. Spada “Onice”

08. Henry Saiz “Lady in the Mirror” (Mediterranean Haunted Beach Version)

09. Cora Novoa & Spaceman “Black Heart” (Henry Saiz’s 95 Cassette Rework)

10. Kitkaliito “Letting go” (Henry Saiz RnB Added Version)

11. Esperanza “Ink”

12. Henry Saiz “Eterno Retorno” (90′s Acid Trance version)

13. Interlude

14. Pional & Henry Saiz “Uroboros”



01. Calypso Synth Ensemble “Gaia”

02. Armed “Caminando Sobre la Superficie del Sol”

03. Henry Saiz “Vargtimmen”

04. Eelke Kleijn “Lone Ranger” (Henry Saiz Ocean Drive Remix)

05. Mono Electric Orchestra “Indifference” (Henry Saiz Queztalli Rework)

06. Charles Gudagafva “Tango Hej Då̊”

07. Spada & Henry Saiz “Gloom”

08. Dosem & Henry Saiz “Zen Boat”

09. Ricardo Tobar “Together”

10. AMyn “Elle” (Henry Saiz Balance Edit)

11. Solar Sailor “Horizon”

12. Marc Marzenit & Henry Saiz “Radiance” (Balance Version)

13. Liz Cirelli & Minski “Trip of the Dolphin”

14. Okain “Thank You, Come Again” (Live Version)

15. Simon Garcia “If This World Were Dub”

16. Henry Saiz feat. Anneke van Giersbergen “Come Wander With Me”

17. Sistema “Nodo 6” (Henry Saiz Balance Rework)




download: http://dl.transfer.ro/henry_saiz_-_balance_019-transfer_RO-17jun-6ab566.rar



im surprised and mildly angry seeing this incredible gem of a mix hasn't been posted or mentioned yet, so the pleasure of offering you the most beautiful music experience this summer seems to be in my jurisdiction. :closedeyes: i thought of the possibility of being overenthusiastic, given my weakness for henry saiz's approach on progressive house/techno, but look at the fuckin tracks. it even begins with a 'we are the music makers 303 remix' of his!

really i cant choose a track or two, all of cd1 is pure bliss.. :music:


i fucking love this :watmm:

the first cd HAS to be listened carefully and

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This ‘mix’ is much more than just a mix. This is the result of a huge amount of passionate work and effort poured into one of the most dedicated compilations I have ever listened to. Each track has been composed individually and specifically to fit within the overall flow of the mix. As a concept, it’s a direct reversal of the traditional DJ's method of sourcing material from existing records. Saiz tells his own story here, kick-by-kick, synth-by-synth, sample-by-sample. Each crescendo, peak, breakdown, lull and build is composed exactly the way he wants it to be, giving him true creative freedom and control. It is hard to talk about individual tracks when each record is so relevant and in perfect harmony with its predecessor that the complete end product could only ever be viewed as the whole it was intended to be. This is a complete body of music telling a story so detailed that it has more in common with a sizeable novel than your standard mix CD. The overall feel is melodic and warm; the vibe is overwhelmingly positive throughout. Each transition is delicate, precise and timely and showcases Saiz’s finely tuned DJing talents. You have to remind yourself whilst listening that Saiz has in some way produced the vast majority of these 31 records himself.


this guy is making history right here

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I kinda felt Balance lost its way a few releases ago, ive got all of them from 04 - 16. Agoria and Timo Maas completely passed me by, they just seemed to stink of being standard house/techno dj mixes that I could have just downloaded from their soundcloud pages.


There has been some good hype about this mix though, so perhaps I will pick it up. Will Saul, Chris Fortier, Phil K and Joris Voorn all produced fantastic snapshots of their respective scenes / careers.

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