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pics you took that you're pleased with

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Guest volg4



lovely aerial shots there, shame those blades got in the way though!


cheers! yeh, the blades do get in the way... going to build another one eventually, setup just for photography, it'll have camera stabilisation and no blades in view! theres a new one from DJI which has 4k video and separate controller for the camera so you can have someone working the shots, consumer tech is getting wild...


yeah, DigitalRev did a review on that one I think. the one where the rotor blades move up out of the FOV? very expensive toy! Also, I've heard of lots of photographers getting turned away at airports due to the ambiguousness of the legality of these things!



its funny how many vids are popping up on youtube of these things... anyone can pick one up for a few hundred dollars and potentially cause all sorts of mayhem unintentionally or maliciously... mine has a 1000m range, so going straight up you're well into civil aviation airspace, plus it weighs enough to put a big dent in anything it lands on falling from that height :)


i like to think i'm quite safe and dont fly in built up areas and dangerous places but not everyones that cautious, even with experience if something goes wrong these things dont glide at all and just fall like bricks


i can see legislation happening soon, it just takes one major incident and then lockdown

most folk see these as playthings rather than potentially lethal flying knives, those blades can be spinning at 20000rpm

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November in Croatia iphone, no filters, no editing 

@oscillikhave you stopped posting your photos on IG? haven't seen anything there in a while   a few of mine from this year:

Tim, those aerial shots are dope. I particularly like the urban cityscape at night....These remind me of the sorta thing which would have got shittons of reblogs on tumblr back in the day (particularl

Posted Images

I think legislation will be coming ASAP, surveys have been done and the majority in them state that they want legislation for them (of course, we all know what surveys are like!)

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^ a few holiday snaps from Wales.


And an arty one from work (might be a dupe). This was a bucket of stainless steel swarf from the lathe. Looked cool.



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wow, ashtray with ash i take it. gives the impression of an explosion with layers of depth and stuff heading in all directions.


also, props on that dog sunset gif by 0o0ooo000000OOOOO0000000oooooo

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keep em coming people! definitely some good eyes amongst us



2015-05-31 09.26.10 1 by oscillik, on Flickr



2015-05-28 01.44.10 1 by oscillik, on Flickr



Brutal Cow Closeup by oscillik, on Flickr



2015-05-28 01.43.58 1 by oscillik, on Flickr

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I need to get out and take a bunch o pics, ugh. maybe this week. Haven't done much since November; the Valley hasn't been particularly inspiring. TOO FUCKING SUNNY, FUCK YOU SUN

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