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pics you took that you're pleased with


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4 hours ago, Braintree said:

I'm going to order a Panasonic GH5. Can any of you recommend a lens that's decent that doesn't cost a million dollarydoos?

That's a Micro Four Thirds camera, so you've actually got a fuck ton of options for lenses at very reasonable prices, even brand new. Have a look around for what Micro Four Thirds lenses are compatible with the GH5 (it may well be all of them — I'm not too familiar with that system, but I'm fairly certain one of the big selling points is that you can use lenses by pretty much any manufacturer for that system). If you wanna go even cheaper, jump pon the bay.

Other than that, you could get an old Helios M42 mount lens and then get an M42 to Micro Four Thirds adapter. This can be risky though, as a friend of mine went this route and managed to get a fucked lens. That's the thing with getting hold of vintage glass second hand though.

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i've been sorta into the phone photo aesthetic lately, ie intentionally putting no thought to image composition, no cropping or adjustments etc. want to practice getting more immediate, basically. also i've just been attaching them to youtube uploads so that i can shill while i shill


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This thread is brilliant. Probably one of the best on watmm. Maybe because the pictures do the talking, and there’s not much room for too much chatter.

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