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Please allow me to remind watmmers about existence of my little site on autechre because I've updated it's design a bit and finished translation. If you have some valuable information (pics, interviews etc) that doesn't exists there - please share it. Thank You!

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Looking good, similar to vletr.mx really :emotawesomepm9:


Spotted one thing though





1 The Plc Ccc 10:04

2 Perlence Range 7 (10:13)

3 Perlence Suns (4:06)

4 90101-51-6 (8:45)

5 9013-2 (2:01)

6 Tkakanren (10:23)

7 90101-51-19 (12:47)

8 Perlence Subrange 3 (7:06)

9 Chenc9-1dub (3:48)

10 9010171-121 (4:32)

11 Perlence Losid 2 (7:27)

12 Notwotwo (9:37)

13 Perlence Subrange (6-36 58:36)



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fixed. About writing my own biography - I can't coz English isn't my primary language. All I can do is to compile information :)

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Nice site, not sure if any of these remixes are actually associated with Autechre though.


µ-ziq vs. Autechre - Stereosphere SemiDetach

Infidel - Gothic Banana (Autechre Remix)

SQUAB TEEN - zxcvbnm (autechre tribute)

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awesome work mate! So many interviews I haven't read, I will enjoy this for sure. The only downside is the audio interviews. Links are down on 2 of them.. and for the third, Real Player?? Nobody uses or has that anymore..

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Thank you all for positive replies! I've done a minor fixes. And about audio interviews - I'll try to find a converter (i know that real player is shit but I just found them in that format). Uploading files to sharebee was also a bad idea - I'll try to find that files (maybe with the help of forum members).

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Here they are (converted real player interviews):



Please help me to find mp3's of that broken 2 interviews: Reverb interview (2008)


autechre excerpt from a radio show(sean booth interview - 2006)


Added Autechre Interview in Japanese Oversteps CD Booklet

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