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Vol.1 - This will Destroy You


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Aim should be to make life bearable...

Say no more:

Daikoukai - verso lo schermo - Ryuichi Sakamoto

My 303 is a Submarine - Mr Squish

Ride the Red Rhythm - Like A Tim

Station mir 2099 - Vitalic

The Theme (original Chill Mix) - Unique 3

hot pumps (shmndlyrmx320k) - Shammen Delly

Simon from Sydney - LFO

Normal (Helston Flora remix by Afx) - Aphex Twin

Sensory Division and Self Sabotage - Fragment King

The Murder Cycles - Vhs Head

Vordhosbn (slowed down) - Aphex Twin

Behind the Bank - Oneohtrix Point Never

Manhunt( no.2 remix) - Aleski Perala

Own Thing (Part 1) - DAT Politics

Temporary Secretary - Paul McCartney

Freak - LFO

Second Lives - Vitalic

Eutow - Autechre

Morning Myth - Wisp

Only Thought - Acidburp

Masked Ball - Jocelyn Pook

Twenty Nine (Black mix) - Mark Broom

The Roots of Techno - KiNk

Penty Harmonium - Aphex Twin

a sample of rain I play with briefly....

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FUUUUCK this just made me re-fall in love with Vordhosbn. Haven't listened to it in forever, now this slowed down version made me realize how good of a track it really is.


Sometimes you overplay a track and then put it in the place of "it's that track, it's real good, I'll listen to it later", and then little changes like that make it click with you again.

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