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I just did my first release for WR, a label that specializes on sort of 'niche' cassette releases.

It's an album under my CN alias, which is basically "I've listened to Drexciya for 30 days straight, so I need to turn on the 808" type stuff, mixed with a few ambient pieces etc.


This particular release is a sort of sci-fi narrative type thing, I don't know.. I think they're putting up pictures of the proper cassette etc. later, but for now you get to see the digital release cover. The tape one is even nicer. One thing to note, every tape purchase comes with a digital download as well, so you can listen to it whenever.


There's another track sample here.



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oh yeah, they're limited to 50 copies i think.. and the tracks were all made on REAL LIFE MACHINES! how about that.

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Any chance we can just download the digital release?


EDIT: Argh the tape does look nice though, shipping to the UK is a bit nasty :\

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i'm pretty sure they're putting up a digital only too, but i can't guarantee it.

how much is the shipping? can't be that bad for a tape.

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$6 to the UK, almost as much as the tape so it seems a little expensive, yet for $13 the release is probably still worth it and I'll probably end up buying the tape later today hah

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what type of hardware synths did you use in making of this record? if i may ask :)

101, 808, 909, m6r, m/p, majr, mxrad, SHIT mixer!


futureimage: apparently it's coming out on itunes etc. soon as well, digital only, so yeah...! i'd order the tape though cause it looks great, ha ha

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