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If you were an inflatable neck pillow...


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I have an overnight flight from LA to Baltimore in a few hours and cant find it. I've looked fucking everywhere.

My apartment isn't that big. Where the fuck is it?



bedroom - check

living room - check

parking garage - check

front closet - check

car - check

kitchen - check



wtf. help.

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Stop watmming and do a proper search. If you used it on the way over, it's still somewhere findable. If you had it in storage though, just buy a new one and stop stressing, it's not worth the hassle of looking. Once you're in that window of a few hours from the flight, you've just gotta be ready.

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ummm ok i dunno under a bed in a box.


in a lower-to-the-floor but bigger kitchen drawer, u know places to keep batteries and things


in a suitcase used previously for a trip but was in a smaller compartment that forgot to get unpacked

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It's in your sex toy drawer with the other inflatables. At least mine is. Alternatively, where in your house is the equivalent of the muziq forum, it's amost certainly there.


If the worst comes to the worst you could always hire an emergency children's party clown, and he could make you one out of balloons, hopefully with a daschund face.

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