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xclnt album that is..


... with nearly two hours of multi-tracked explorations into the possibilities of one man, one Korg M1 Workstation and one set of headphones. Largely a set of miniatures with only three tracks exceeding five minutes, it's effectively a travelogue of life on the road, a chance to hear Husband, who was largely touring as a drummer at the time, emerge as a talented keyboardist and writer. The album's all-electronic complexion may put off the purists, but this is still a "playing" album— every layered track was performed in real time, with no quantization and the only editing an aid to connect each disc's twenty songs.


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sorry if i was too harsh. if other members want me to stop "hijacking" this thread with silly memes, just let me know and i'll stop. obviously i post these because they make me laugh, plus it's all jazz-related in my book, since everything is jazz in my book, especially memes/shitposts (even korn or radiohead-related memes). besides, i can't stand alice coltrane, sun ra and all that jazz (hehe), which seems to be what most people on this forum listen to when it comes to jazz (miles too but he gets a pass cuz he's a pioneer of fusion). and this thread is almost dead anyway, so it's not like i'm ruining anything, in my view.

but yeah, if my presence in this thread and the stuff i post in it are getting too much for other members, no problem. i can create a separate thread to post all this shit, a music-related memes thread. otherwise, just post some "proper" jazz-related stuff instead of bitching about me ruining this thread  @Richie Sombrero  my personal taste is a bit peculiar when it comes to jazz but i'm happy to listen to anything jazz-related, as long as it's not any of the musicians i mentioned above (or tigran hamasyan, lol).

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