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actually, it's not that i don't like miles davis, it's just that people always mention him (particularly bitches brew) like he's the alpha and omega of jazz and sure, he was a brilliant musician and he's made some very good stuff, but so did other musicians. btw i forgot to add john coltrane on my list. brilliant musician but i can't stand his music actually, lol - other than countdown and giant steps.

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On 5/6/2022 at 3:09 PM, brian trageskin said:





(i can see this happening to me, in fact it probably already happened)


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This one is a blinder:





OTD in 1969, Wayne Shorter gets stuck in Newport traffic and misses the gig. Rather than trim his solo sections from the tunes, the quartet leaves space to explore the groove - setting the template for Miles’ electric era in real time. A SUPERB tape.


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this app looks amazing. too bad i don't have a smartphone.


MelodEar has a very simple work flow with 3 windows :

. The Edit window, where you can edit chords, easily choose the melodic modes, build your song.
. The Library, where you can store your songs, access pre-filled jazz standards, customize theme.
. The Session window, where the actual work is happening.

The Session window offers a unic visual medium to intuitively grasp all-in-one the melodic modes used in a chord progression, their internal intervals, the number of each note and the multiple connexions between them. ( cf screen shot n°1).

This fantastic guidance allows the user to develop their improvised melodic discourse to any direction through the chord progression. Ultimately this visual frame is only the support to a higher purpose : the audiation, and sensorial memory of the colors of the notes, modes, intervals and most of all of the multiple melodic passages from one mode to the next.

The Session window also provides a chord player & keyboard, a vocal keyboard to play the notes of the mode, a pitch recoginition highlighting the notes you sing, a fine tuner to be able to adjust your pitch, a looper to work on a specific section of the song.


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