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watmm grooming tips


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I have also gone from long hair (ponytail length) to short hair (I just shaved it off) and it was one of the best things that has ever happened to me.

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As someone who had long hair on and off for quite a few years, I can honestly say to any bloke - cut it off. Especially if you're older than about 20. Cut it off and never look back. If it's long enough to tie up, it's too long.


These days if I go more than 3 weeks without a grade two cut on my back and sides, I start freaking out. It's SO much better to be neat and tidy.


go for the promoe look



This sort of thing should be literally outlawed. I'd like to see guys like this picked up by the police and forcibly shaved.


Even as WATMMs token white bloke with dreads, there's no way I can argue with that in the case of this guy. He looks INTENSELY annoying

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