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downloads are back.


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the rules are simple.


1. you must be logged in to access these.

2. don't share the links.

3. don't download more than 2gb a day, or 5gb a month.

4. one or two files at a time (don't use multi-connection downloaders, please).

5. this is an experiment, it might end at any time.


these are hosted on my own private server, and the cost is directly out of my pocket.





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Guest Enter a new display name

Bandwidth is worth more than gold in Canada, so you better be careful.

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how do we find how much GB's we downloaded


average file size is 40 megs, so that's about 50 tracks a day. of course, some of them are bigger, and some of them are smaller. just add up the numbers.

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Who's the fucking Daddy?


Holy cow mate, this is incredible! Thank you so much, I shall pick my way through the goldmine judiciously, tonight I'm going to listen to Autechre's IBC mix from 1991, so rad.


Things like the downloads section bring Watmm closer to Renaissance status electronic music forum, a true asset to everything that makes this site wonderful.

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my computer just has 1 GB's of ram only so i guess i can will fill it up 5 times in a month


i can email you some more ram if you need it. :sup:



i dont want decimals of GB's




and yeah, thanks for resurrecting this!

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So, are these live tracks actually different mixes, or mostly just the album versions with crowd noise?


edit- and thanks etc


some unreleased stuff there, some alternative mixes to studio tracks etc.

You have just got to look around

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wow :beer:


is the download manager going to come back too?


in theory, it's possible, but i don't know if we still have a license for it. also, i'm not thrilled with the extremely weak security it uses.

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