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The worst Vibert tracks


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Okay what is your least favourite Vibert track and optionally why?


I would nominate Computer Complex, for the synth sounds like it is vomiting and the sample is not integrated in a particularly pleasing way.


Not counting the stuff from Rodulate, which I think I simply don't understand and thus exclude from this.

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that track that samples digable planets :sleep:


Sho U Rite?


That's not actually where the sample comes from. I can't recall what it was now but I stumbled across an old house track that had that vocal at the start as an a capella bit, where it's much more likely to have been lifted from.


If that's not the one though then disregard.

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I don't like UBFormby, and I can't stand Wake Up. My Style gets a little annoying, mostly because there's too many samples and he's used them all in previous tracks.

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sparky is a retard... the intro is godly ultra smoothing cool, but the rest is just some unpleasent vocoder loop


this is one I totally have to argue BUT I see where you're coming from. the whole of rhythm is a bit strange for that matter, it feels a lot less layered than most of his work. while it might be an aesthetic choice it makes things a bit too repetitive for most of the songs (A FINE LINE I'M LOOKING AT YOU)

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the one where he says "i'm now speaking through a ringmodulator" ruins the track lol




apart from that fun track.

i already feel bad for posting in this thread, luke is awesome. :)


We Hear You is still great, though maybe the least cohesive release.. also funny how Pretty Old Acid Music seems kind of a redo of Cordial.

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