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Caural Appreciation

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I just wanted to hear other WATMM's thoughts and perspectives on Caural. I remember driving one morning, listening to KALX and hearing "All These Todays Just Melt into Tomorrow" and effectively feeling like my mind was being blown.

Listening to that song basically got me into electronic music and has seriously influenced my production. I especially like the album "Stars on My Ceiling" though his debut album, "Initial Experiments in 3-D" if fun for me to listen to because it shows the origin of his sound and production style.


I have heard that he might come out with another album, though that seems unlikely since the last album was done in 2006.

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Wow! I found out he released the EP this year! It's called: Die Before You Die. Check out a review and some samples. Very reminiscent of Stars on My Ceiling at first listen. Too bad he doesn't want to make music anymore...

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