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MF DOOM UK Tour 2011

Guest Aserinsky

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Guest Brian Sweeney Fitzgerald



Thursday 03 November 2011

The Arches Glasgow, UK


Friday 04 November 2011

HMV Ritz Manchester, UK


Saturday 05 November 2011

Roundhouse London, UK (with Ghostface Killah)


Monday 07 November 2011

O2 Academy Leeds Leeds, UK


Thursday 10 November 2011

O2 Academy Oxford Oxford, UK


Friday 11 November 2011

Forum, Hatfield Hatfield, UK


Tuesday 15 November 2011

Motion Bristol, UK


Wednesday 16 November 2011

O2 Academy Birmingham Birmingham, UK


Friday 18 November 2011

Concorde 2 Brighton, UK


Considering buying tickets for Concorde 2 (despite vowing never to go there again after the way they handled the Battles aftershow earlier this year), anyone here seen him live and would recommend it?

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Yay another Brighton date! Let's hope it's cheaper than the million pound ticket it was last time, that totally priced me out of the game. Not that that would be a concern, was still a sellout I believe.


What happened at the Battles show? Concorde can be very hit and miss

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Guest Brian Sweeney Fitzgerald

Basically Battles arrived late due to their tour bus breaking down in France and so the gig didn't finish until about midnight. They then decided to force everyone out the venue for an hour to set up, so most people didn't bother to stick around for the afterparty. Then they made everyone leave the aftershow 2 hours early because they decided we weren't worth staying open for, meaning it lasted only 45 minutes.


Bibio even wrote a blog post on his Tumblr page about it, probably can explains things better than I can.



Message to Brighton


Apologies to all the people who attended Bibio and Chris Clark’s shows after the Battles show at Concorde 2 on Friday 3rd June.



The venue folks decided shortly before I was due on stage that they were only going to stay open until 2am, instead of 4am, on the grounds that “it wasn’t worth staying open”.



They were claiming the decision was based on the delays caused by Battles’ tour bus breaking down in France, which was indeed an unforeseen factor and was nobody’s fault. But I personally felt it was unprofessional to cut us short like that. An extra hour wouldn’t have hurt.



I was told to go on at 1:15am and with the venue closing at 2am that gave Clark and myself only 45 minutes between us. It was indeed the shortest set I’ve ever done, we were both scheduled for an hour each.



It was out of our hands and we were both very much looking forward to playing.



Thank you to all the people who did attend our shows and I’m sorry that the venue didn’t consider you “worth staying open” for. I want to express that neither myself or Chris shared those feelings – we were well up for a good old rave.



Anyway, we had a good night despite all of this, it was great meeting and hanging out with Battles backstage, they are an amazing band and really nice guys.


Hope to see you again another time in Brighton.


Oh, and…


I’d like to add that everybody being turfed out of the venue while Battles’ gear was cleared off stage was the reason why so many people didn’t return for the after show party. I don’t blame them, it was a warm night on a seafront in a town with plenty to do. What should have happened is that a DJ played during the stage change over and the bar remained open, this is normal practice, surely?





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