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star wars jokes ONLY megathread


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in star wars why did darth vader become so many robot parts?



he couldent move his bones cuz he got DARTHRITIS biggrin.gif


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Guest hahathhat
There's a joke, said the voice, that my Jedi told me. A sentient visits a nearby farm and sees a barve in the front yard. The barve is wandering around on five legs--one leg has been amputated. The sentient in question, JoJo, asks the owner why the barve has had a leg amputated. "Well," says the owner, "let me tell you something about that barve. that's the smartest barve you've ever seen in your life, JoJo. That barve talks, he can fly a speeder, and he's great with the kids, keeps an eye on 'em when I'm out in the eld -- why, just a few weeks ago he rescued my youngest one from drowning." And JoJo says, "that's amazing! But what happened to the amputated leg?" The owner stares at JoJo. "Well, man, you don't eat a barve like that all at once!" Susejo laughed silently in the darkness, and the wall behind Fett rippled again. Boba Fett thought to himself, I wish I had a thermal detonator. I'd take you with me.



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Guest hahathhat

yeah, that was the last star wars novel i bought -- never finished it. chewie's death was wanton and random; there was absolutely no buildup or meaning to it. the shark was jump'd

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Y did han solo shoot that guy in Mos Eisley Cantina?



cuz he thought star trek was good movies and tv shows






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