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Making new friends


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yea i'd say your wife's friends are your easiest ticket. maybe you'll meet some people through them as well. also, your music should definitely help. just set up shop outside your house and start wailing on your drum kit. that's pretty bad ass if you have a fly beat you can wail. you could be like those cool bucket drummers in nyc subways only looking for buddies not money.

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Guest rumbo

This guy's probably the most famous busker in Melbourne. His drum beat hasn't changed in 10 years.

Now that I think about it, Saddam probably isn't dead. they just killed this busker and took his spot.



edit: it use to be that you just post the youtube vid and the forum takes care of the tags and embeds it. How am I supposed to do that now?

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Guest the anonymous forumite




Looking friendlier than this would be my first advice.


Otherwise, I sympathize with you, having to make new friends in your 30s sucks.

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do seedy jacking off cinemas like in the films actually exist? there's nothing i can imagine quite as pathetic or depressing as going to a big almost empty cinema with 8 other balding middle age men donning beige suits or fading leather jackets to watch ass invaders 2. i dont masturbate anyway, im too sophisticated for that sort of nonsense.


reminds me of the jizz-mopper guy...



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Guest disparaissant

My problem is that I'm not sure if I really like any of my current friends anymore. They seem to let me down on cue. I'm pretty disconnected from them these days. I'm 24 and out of college. I need to find a quality job across the country and move. The fresh start would be a pleasant shock to the system and I'm all for it.


same boat mang same boat. well except im 26. and going back to school. but that's a fresh start too right.

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