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monday night jam

Guest illfly mandog

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    • By Joyrex
      Due to an oversight fuckup on my part, I added the Steam custom profile field on registration where you could fill it in, but not edit it afterwards! A user pointed this out to me, and I have adjusted the settings accordingly.
      Might as well ask: any other oddities that need addressing?
    • Guest Squish Kibosh
      By Guest Squish Kibosh

      This month's Steam Room landed on the release date of the wonderful new Boards of Canada album 'Tomorrow's Harvest', Their first in 8 years. As a great admirer of their craft I felt it was my duty to capitalize on the ridiculous hype surrounding this release and present you with a 2hr BoC retrospective tribute mix from myself.

      Download>> http://tinyurl.com/qg2aqxg


      Next show 08/07/13 20:00GMT http://future-music.co.uk/

      Fly In The Pool/Soylent Night/Iced Cooley/Oscar See Through Red Eye/Everything You Do Is A Balloon/Gyroscope/Turquoise Hexagon Sun/Seeya Later/Mukinabaht/Finity/An Eagle In Your Mind/In A Beautiful Place Out In The Country/Hi Scores/Smokes Quantity/Music is Math/Telephasic Workshop/The Devil is in the Details/Up The March Bank/Nlogax/Orange Romeda/Trapped/Skyliner/Oirectine/Pete Standing Alone/Dave (I'm a Real Traditionalist)/The Midas Touch/June 9th/Roygbiv/Split Your Infinities/Chinook/Cold Earth/Reach for the Dead/Buckie High/Jacquard Causeway/One Very Important Thought
    • By Joyrex
      A PS3 game I've enjoyed for some time now, PixelJunk: Eden, is coming to Steam - the PixelJunk series on PS3 has always been hit after hit, delivering challenging gameplay and innovative design. Now, one of their best (PixelJunk: Eden) is coming to Valve's Steam network.
      It will be the "Encore" version of Eden, which means it includes all the gardens from the main game as well as the expansion pack. The awesome soundtrack (Autechre fans might be interested in it's minimalist beats) will also be available.
      There will be an "early bird" 20% discount, so if you don't have a PS3, this is a great way to experience what all the PixelJunk love on PS3 is about!
    • Guest dylanmcknd
      By Guest dylanmcknd
      Well, it seems that I can't change my steam name on watmm. I chagned my steam name recently and now I can't change it on my profile settings. Am I missing something?
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