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Tapatalk For WATMM Now Updated


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Due to user requests complaints, I've updated the tapatalk plugin, so anyone using can you please verify it is indeed working for you.


What's TapaTalk?


It's a App for your smartphone that allows you to browse forums easier. Find out more here:



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On Tapatalk for iOS, most (if not all) threads do not fully load now.


For example, if I try to load the "first world problems thread" (either by setting tapatalk to open first unread or newest post), the newest post appears to by from July 2011. I alone have about 209098 posts in that thread after July 2011. There is no way to advance beyond that July 2011 post, and it's as if the last half of the thread does not exist.


I've cleared the cache, I've deleted the forum from tapatalk and re-added, and nothing has fixed it.


Until it's worked out, tapatalk is basically useless.


There was a tapatalk update recently, and the problem seems to have begun around the same time as updating, although watmm's forum layout is displaying differently now on chrome (eg, the quote "bubbles" now displayed in the text entry field), so maybe there's a perfect storm of incompatible updates at play.

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On my original FWP there's a link to a thread on the Tapatalk forums. These forums are primarily geared toward administrators whose BBs use Tapatalk. On that thread they were talking about how API bindings for IP Board have changed, and Tapatalk has not been updated to address these changes with IP Board yet. Meaning, the functionality is still there but the function/parameter name is different. So the problem is on Tapatalk's side.

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Holy fuxm they need to stop messing with the Tapatalk interface.


This latest update is proper shite, how do I even just browse a forum?


Agree, I can't make sense of this. At first I actually thought I messed up some settings again at first, glad I'm not the only one!

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