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FS: Elektron Machinedrum SPS-1 mk1 (shipping anywhere)

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Seeing as I recently accidentally an SPS-1-UW mk2 off eBay, I'm looking to sell my SPS-1 non-UW mk1 Machinedrum.


It's in good physical condition, yet definitely suffers from the bad encoder problem that the mk1s had, particularly with the jog wheel. I can upload a video to demonstrate this if anyone wants me to, it can be annoying at times but doesn't get in the way of setting the parameters how you want in the end.


Being a mk1 this is NON +DRIVE.


I have the box, manual (and some other printouts/tip things) and power supply (UK, though I also have a US supply that I could chuck in for a tenner or swap round for the UK one).


I'm open to offers with this one - don't really know where to set the price mark due to the encoders, but I've seen several used SPS-1 mk1s go for £500 recently. Please PM me if you're interested smile.png




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