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Is A beard still IDM?

Guest Shockerbrown

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Beards aren't necessarily IDM however if you are an IDM junkie it certainly makes you more IDM to have a beard. It is certainly part of the IDM culture, although super clean shaven nerd might be IDM too.

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<blockquote class='ipsBlockquote'data-author="Gocab" data-cid="1924915" data-time="1356947317"><p>

The evolution of Idm:<br />

Acne ->Beard->Arthritis</p></blockquote>


Option: Tinitus if you made it out of your bedroom into the clubs

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nah, it's hair. robots don't fuck with hair. a thermoplastic beard would be pretty idm though, especially if you could grow copper wire and attach alligator clips or midi outs to your face, or maybe if the beard at least generated arpeggios when you stroked it

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I just have scruff on my face which buzz down with a trimmer when it gets too obscene. Gotta go chop more wood/twiddle knobs.

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