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Leafcutter John Remix of Origamibiro

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Guest nonsuch

Wanted to give you lot a little heads up on an audiovisual group from my hometown of Nottingham called Origamibiro. They make this really dynamic, textural, modern classical music backed by some stunning visuals - all in real time using looping samplers and video recording. Their earlier stuff sounds a bit like early Bibio, Four Tet but their most recent stuff sounds a lot more sophisticated, super produced and has their stamp all over it






They've an album about to drop so theyre giving away a few remixes of their single Quad Time with Leafcutter John's being the most notable of the bunch. Juxta Phona, Joseph Minadeo and a few others have remixes too.




you can grab all this stuff for free over at www.origamibiro.com


Hope you enjoy x

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