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Need a new laptop..


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So long as you can get Snow Leopard installed, your install disk will have all the drivers needed for a XP install, and BootCamp will even guide you through the process.


does XP not work if you have OSX Lion then? didn't know that...is it to do with Lion being 64bit only or something? I have just bought a new iMac to replace my beloved but sadly ageing Macbook...came with Snow Leopard, but took the free upgrade to Lion (got Lion on my Macbook and love it, so wanted to get the same on this new iMac).


From what I could read up on it. Lion comes with bootcamp 4 which does not support Windows XP, also that the Lion install disk does not have the XP drivers included on it. Saying that though, bootcamp seams predominantly there to aid with creating partitions on the hard drive and guiding you through the process.


Could be that if you had Lion installed, used boot camp in order to create a partition, then restarted the computer with your windows XP disk in, you'd be able to force it on. Then with a copy of Snow Leopard on disk you could install all the required XP drivers. Couldnt say for certain if that'd work or not.


Congrats on your Mac, you won't regret it ... until you get trolled into a pointless pc vs mac debate thread sometime.


Haha, cheers man, cant wait! Im gonna go for the Windows > OS X and Mac Hardware > Most Windows Laptop Hardware angle.

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get a mac! windows is a big sturdy boner up the ass! can't stand it! I've been using mac for 7-8 years now and will never go back to pcs! i say, get a mac and start learning Reason! with Reason 6 right around the corner, things are getting even better!


Well tbh, it's completely a matter of taste. I hear a lot of people go on about how Windows is such a bore, but I just don't get that myself, suits me to the ground and I have no inclination to change.


Used to use Reason, long time ago, well dabbled is probably a better word choice. Again it just didn't click with me. It has a very characteristic sound quality which to me defeats the purpose of a DAW. FL is far from transparent itself, but it does make an incredibly efficient host. As about 80% of my sound design is done in Reaktor, Reasons lack of VST support renders it more or less useless to me.


But, in so far as getting a mac, well Im with you there. Works like a charm , runs windows XP beautifully, and feels solid enough for gigging.


yeah, there is a lot of compatibility that comes with Windows but everything i need is there on the mac as well! its just the solid reliability i love with macs. hardly any crashes. i work a lot with pcs and windows 7 and its just so bad..


can agree with you that the lack of vst-support is a bit sad on Reason. but i like the idea of Propellerhead trying to make a software where you don't need to rely on vsts. cos you can make really sweet sounds if you're a real knob twiddler! ;) and its very user friendly.

Reaktor is frightening me.. it looks so complex and advanced.. :P

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strange that you feel that way about windows 7, i have a laptop with it that i constantly put into standby when i close the lid and basically havent shut it down for months at a time, and ive never had windows 7 crash on me once. the only time the os restarts is when i actually tell it to. strange that you work with pcs a lot and feel that way, because most it professionals agree that windows 7 is the most stable and efficient os microsoft has made so far.


cant really say anything about the mac oses because i dont use anything made by apple/macintosh, similar to how i dont really watch mainstream news or television.

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I've used all windows versions all the way back to v3.11 and i always thought it was a very nice operating system because i didn't know of anything else. MacOS kind of made a twist there when i first encountered it. windows 7 has some real performance issues i can assure you. when you work with both platforms you notice differences. not said that windows 7 is perhaps the best of the other versions!

and its a pity you don't use any products by apple cos they make damn good stuff.

though i can't say there were many people using macs when i bought my first Mac G4 8 years ago.. so you can't apply any "mainstream reason" on me.. i just bought a mac because its a great computer with a very good OS.

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I think Mac and Reason is a pretty good comparison in a way.


They both seam to promote this notion of stability through consistency. The same concept of being completely self reliant. A Mac OS is built completely with working on a Mac in mind. Similarly Reason is designed so that each element works perfectly with the others. It does make perfect sense in a way.


I think the issue with Windows, is that bad programming aside, it is expected to run on all manner of different machines. So many different motherboards, graphics cards, CPU's. Honestly the number of possible combinations must be enormous! It really shouldnt come as a surprise that it doesn't run perfectly on every machine.


I think keeping an installation of Windows running well is down to acting a little bit responsibly. For a start, there's a lot more viruses for Windows then there are for Mac, so you're required to keep antivirus stuff up to date. There's also things like keeping tracks of hotfixes and updates, and which ones are actually beneficial to your particular computer, not all of them are.


Been using Windows for so long now, I've developed a good habit of keeping my system up to date, and checking out new drivers and so on, making sure there'll be no compatibility issues. I have never had any bad experiences though Windows, the only instability I've ever had with a computer has been due to hardware failiures, something that Macs are just as prone too.


It's exactly the same as other DAW's vesus Reason. I've never had any issues with unstable VSTs or system crashes because Im careful about what I install. Again, checking for compatibility and so on. Really I think the idea that VSTs making a system unstable is a myth. Provided you are sensible about what you install, and how you install it.


I do see what you're saying about Propeller Heads attempt at breaking away from VST reliance. It's certainly commendable. But while there are some great generators with in Reason, there are VSTs that'll knock the buttons off 'em

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