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Vaetxh - Mass

Guest Adam

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Probably my biggest discovery this year (thanks to ryanmcallister).









Mass (Woulg Kuff'd Up Mirror Mix)

Clipper (Culprate's Water Witch Remix)

Clipper (Subjex Origamix)

Clipper (Circuit Bent Circus Tent Remix)

Mass (Dead Fader Remix)

Mass (full album mix)



Subjex remix sounds fucking awesome http://soundcloud.com/subjex/vaetxh-clipper-subjex-origamix

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Now if he could just release those tracks on his Soundcloud...


He also have a track called Crumbling Shuffle on a compilation out there (Painting Pictures on Silence V.1 from Enig'matik Records,) as well.

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Guest ryanmcallister

your welcome. :spiteful:


i must say i was a little behind on this one, just figured it out today. i was wondering why i was starting to see vaetxh remixes up all over the place on soundcloud, lol.

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Vaetxh got an unofficial album from 2010 called 10Y34RS, it's on whatcd if you have an account there, or somewhere on the web. The album is really a great mixture of tunes, really enjoyed it!

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The tunes are collected from http://www.sectionz.com/

vaetxh's profile: http://www.sectionz....t.asp?SZID=8063


tracklist 10Y34RS:

01. vaetxh - (face[less)mechanised] (4:09)

02. vaetxh - acetyline broken (4:46)

03. vaetxh - atmos (4:58)

04. vaetxh - cap ital (3:44)

05. vaetxh - clipper (4:25)

06. vaetxh - digaumiji (3:51)

07. vaetxh - her, angel (3:51)

08. vaetxh - io (5:28)

09. vaetxh - jovupiac wave (5:36)

10. vaetxh - mass (5:35)

11. vaetxh - out inertia (3:45)

12. vaetxh - plasma outlet (4:03)

13. vaetxh - reciprocal about user (4:20)

14. vaetxh - retinan (3:28)

15. vaetxh - the moon is to the stars as a dust mote is to mars (4:33)

16. vaetxh - the recursion tree (sample track).mp3

17. vaetxh - us among stars.mp3


also the album is on mediafire

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Guest ryanmcallister

most of these tracks can be found online here. mass, clipper, and the recursion tree are on his soundcloud.


edit: my bad i see that link was posted above. got confused because gl0tch couldn't find it. it's all there dude.

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