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Neutral Milk Hotel - The Box Set (NMH #1 - November 22, 2011)

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"On November 22, Jeff Mangum will self-release a vinyl-only box set compiling the band's entire output, including fifteen previously unreleased tracks. The set includes 1996's On Avery Island and 1998's In the Aeroplane Over the Sea, the Everything IsEP, an EP comprised of unreleased material, Ferris Wheel on Fire, a picture disk 7" for "Holland, 1945", a 7" featuring two unreleased songs, "You've Passed" b/w "Where You'll Find Me Now", a 7" that includes unreleased and live versions of the song "Little Birds", and two 24" by 24" posters."


Up for preorder at $88. I've grown out of the NMH/Elephant 6 camp of musicians, but this is mighty interesting news, especially after (aside from some live solo shows) there have been no Mangum developments for years. And the box set looks quite nice.



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