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Philip Glass - Music In Twelve Parts, Part 12 (8-bit cover)


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Hello there. You may have noticed my interest in minimalist music and additive rhythm. Some of you may even remember the 8-bit cover I made of Two Pages by Philip Glass a while back.


I've always been fascinated by the music of Glass, and one performance that really strikes me is Music In Twelve Parts. I have three different versions of this piece, and only after carefully studying the score can I truly appreciate its genius.


So I thought, what if I applied these minimal works to a minimal sound design, rather than an orchestra? The result is an oxymoron - it flows with beauty, energy, creativity, and amazing detail - despite being founded on basic ideas of process, repetition, and simple waveforms.


This is Part 12 of the performance, rewritten with that special 8-bit sound we all know and love as chiptune. Note that the traditional technique of using ridiculous arpeggios instead of chords has been abandoned - the nature of the original piece makes such an approach impossible.








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