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why do you read watmm?


why watmm?  

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  1. 1. What is the MAIN reason?

    • The LOLs
    • News
    • Talking about music
    • Bragging like a douchebag
    • Habit
    • The polls
    • One specific thread you really like
    • Sharing your trax
    • Need to know when RDJ drops a new joint
    • Nostalgia
    • Trying to learn English
    • Don't know
    • No life
    • Other (do tell)
    • Habbit
    • The Hobbit

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The rush, the adaptation, and the general backwardness of the act.



It's a combination of a lot of those things, actually


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The reason i discovered watmm was because i was googling boards of canada and aphex twin for a chool project and this forum was near the top and provided the best answers/ luls. this was like 12 years ago. when it was joyrex. without boc. but i wrote a paper on idm when i was 12, fuck you.

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