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Goa Trance Mix

Guest Hanratty

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Guest Hanratty



I went through a minor goa trance obsession, chasing down the best tracks, putting them all together in a way that I could listen to in place of the original tracks.



1. Blue Planet Corporation - Roma

2. Electric Universe - Visiting Venus

3. Astral Projection - Still Dreaming (Anything Can Happen)

4. E-Rection - Out Here We Are Stoned (X-Dream remix)

5. Koxbox - Space Traveler

6. Etnica - Full On

7. The Infinity Project - Oscillator

8. Total Eclipse - A Little Bit of Heaven

9. Prana - Message From Eastedge (Doof remix)

10. Endora - Joy

11. Koxbox - Insect and Insect Bite

12. Etnica - Vimana

13. Green Nuns of the Revolution - Conflict

14. Hallucinogen - Shamanix

15. Astral Projection - Let There Be Light

16. Astral Projection - Time Began With The Universe (The End of Time mix)

17. Hallucinogen - Angelic Particle

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Finishing with Hallucinogen was a good choice. Simon Posford is quite the artist. I would have included some early Infected Mushroom. But that's only because they were my favourite band for a couple years a while back.


Nice list though.

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