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Most sensitive fans?


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LOL did I ever piss off some Arsenal fans by suggesting that Fabregas was an attacking midfielder as opposed to a defensive midfielder. got insulted up and down the block for that one.

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After you lot signed Arteta, I got into a discussion about whether or not he was a poor man's Fabregas. For me Arteta sits a little deeper, whereas Cesc is definitely an attacking midfielder. Not to say he couldn't play DM, cause he's a great fucking player...anyways. Yeah so i said that and then was accused of knowing nothing about football, must read the tabloids like a mindless drone blah blah blah. I mean really? And since Guardiola played Fabregas in very advanced role against Villareal, I feel pretty justified...lol.


Anyways - relate stories about sensitive fans?

In Japan I met a man from Glasgow and instead of asking him who his team was, I said "are you a rangers man?" fucking hell the looks I got. Luckily he hadn't much to drink by that point in the afternoon.

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I'm still confused, you said that Fabregas was an attacking midfielder and someone disagreed? Whoever disagreed is wrong.


I know that, and you know that - the person who disagreed with me though, got all bent out of shape and insulted me up and down the internet. Now, I've had the (mis)fortune of dealing with WATMM, so nothing anyone on that particular forum says is going to be too horrible, but he got seriously bent out of shape.


Rambo - yes, all fans are sensitive, but there's a difference between being sensitive and using that as a defence mechanism, and being sensitive because someone else was right about a player on the team you support. I dunno. Maybe I should have some drinks.

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