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Cloud Boat - Lions On The Beach


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    • By Berk
      Saw this popping up. Reading the article and am not sure what to think about it all. Anybody in the know?
    • By dcom
      I'm hoping they're going to keep on adding the good stuff.
    • By Redruth
      "R&S is delighted to welcome Alex Smoke into the fold with his transfixing new single ‘Dust’.One of the most accomplished and forward thinking artists in electronic music, Alex Smoke can always be replied upon to push the boundaries, and ‘Dust’ is no exception, combining his exquisite synth chords with cavernous dubbed out drum programming and his heartfelt, mesmeric vocals.On the flip ‘Ruction (Dub)’ is a swirling and atmospheric reimagining of the Detroit blueprint for what techno can be – preserving all the emotion and melancholia yet with futuristic schizoid drum patterns and mumbled lyrics that come on like classic era Karl Hyde of Underworld on cough syup."
      "On remix duties is fellow R&S signee Tessela – one of the brightest new talents to emerge of late, he’s been catching the ears of all and sundry with his amen-bothering future-rave hybrids. His mix of ‘Dust’ should set pulses racing for his EP for R&S later this year. Combining his trademark sound of blistering 808 kicks and tumbling breaks, with dark junglist sirens, it’s an apocalyptic, brutal reimagining of Smoke’s classy original."
      look / listen http://www.randsrecords.com/alex-smoke/dust
    • By Redruth
      "The Pathway to Tiraquon6 is the prequel to the Space Dimension Controller debut album ‘Welcome To Mikrosector-50’ to be released in 2013."
      r & s records http://www.randsrecords.com/releases/welcome-to-mikrosector-50
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