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It's back once again...'help finding the artists name to these snippets'


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Greetings once again, WATMM, it is I, TRiP, you might remember me from such threads as:




anywho, I was in Iceland recently and went to this great little club. the DJ was playing some really killer stuff - a few tracks in particular which he played in sequence. I asked the barman who it was by, but he had no idea. I decided to record a few snippets in hope of decoding it at a later date.


the quality is not pretty...but i'd say it would be recognisable to someone who knows it


(3 tracks to listen to, only 10- 40 seconds long i think)




give it a quick listen and see if you recognise it.


many thanks once again.

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Why did you ask the barman, surely a better course of action would have been to ask the dj, no?


ah I didn't wanna disturb him, he seemed pretty focused, would of been a tricky situation - he probably wouldn't have been able to hear me and i'd just end up distracting him

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Best of luck with samples like that is all I can say!


Getting Shazam on your phone is useful in these situations... not so much if the tunes are being pitched about though


thank you sir, and yea - shazam would have probably been useless in this situation unfortunately... does it have a fairly decent sized music library or knowledge? - even for the more niche electronica stuff?

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