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The Techno Monster Mix

Guest placid

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Essentially records which I have but have not yet managed to put into a mix as they are either too fast or too bonkers or a combination of both.


Naturally, my idea of bonkers and yours may vary, but I can only go by my own bonkers induced reality and upload the result. Looking back, theres only a couple I'd class as full on monsters, but the not so full-on are blooming fast… oddly enough i still ended up playing them at about -4, the thought of hearing them on 0 or + anything baffles me..


anyway enough warbling..


mix is here -



Basic Channel – Phylyps Trak - Basic Channel

Aphex Twin – Aboriginal Mix - White

DJ ESP - Fresh Air - Generator

Sterac - promo

Dark Comedy – Clavia's North - Art of Dance

Sympletic – Noname (Remix) - Ifach

Planetary Assault Systems - Forms - Peacefrog

The Memory Foundation - m-Plant

Anthony Shakir - The Random Hustle - Dust Science

Mystic Rythem – Track Relaxer - Peacefrog

Woody Mcbride - Rattlesnake - Magnetic North

Jamie Read – Vibe Nations - Ugly

Blake Baxter - Vision of Truth - UR

The Source - Untitled - R&S

Basic Channel – Octaedre - Basic Channel plank promo 003 i think

Monolake – Cyan - Chain Reaction

Indio - Blue Fantasy - Transmat

Jeff Mills - Untitled - Axis

Like a Tim - Avanger - Djax-up-beats

Nico - Withdrawl - ESP

Perfect Sync - Down the Deep

Paresys – Untitled - Re-Load

Mike Henk – Untitled - Pulsar


Done in one hit on 2xtechnics 1210s - approx 2 hours (just under) @320 kbps 280mb.


For more infos, gigs and musics - like me - http://www.facebook.com/pages/Placid/191249620933551



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