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Guest abusivegeorge

650? BMWs are stupid


Nah dude, 650 is the coupe :)


anyone who drives a BMW is a cunt: fact.


Tend to agree with Clarkson on this one, that it's now people who drive Audi's.

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Guest 277: 930-933

Here in the Netherlands people who drive Audi's are without exception cunts.

Their cuntiness manifests itself both in their personalities and the way they handle themselves in traffic.

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My pet hate at the moment is VW drivers. This might not be relevant in a country where they are common. But by and large here they're all douchee drivers that i dislike muchly.


My brother went to a showroom once to ask about pricing on a golf, even the salesman was a douche. Making a snide comment about haggling over price. Whilst my brother was looking out the showroom window at rows of golfs thinking to himself "Well you're gonna want to sell one of those fucking things you cunt".


I think the VW thing here must be some sort of little cult, manifesting similarly to the apple thing. Holier than though acolytes worshipping the true and perfect god. With sales people acting as a quasi priesthood. Their pontification left unquestioned. The halo for the brand in the minds of the parishioners those horrible old beasts, the beetle and the combie.



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