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Guest khrimson

On October 17, Carston Nicolai will release a new Alva Noto album through his label Raster-Noton.

Titled univrs, it explores similar themes to Nicolai’s 2008 Alva Noto album, unitxt. According to Raster-Noton’s press release, ”whereas the focus of unitxt was on the processing of rhythmic patterns (‘unit’ = unit of measurement, element) and information (‘txt’ = data, language), with univrs the focus is on the conceptual differentiation of a universal language (‘universum/universal’ = unity, entirety)”


Even more fun: on ‘uni acronym’, Anne-James Chaton makes a guest appearance, reading a “random narrative” of three-letter acronyms.

The album also contains a visual element, based on the “real-time manipulation of software-generated test images by audio signals” which Nicolai achieved by means of a custom built “unitxt box.” This routine features in Alva Noto’s live performances of the album, and can be seen on a DVD that comes with a special edition version of univrs, which will be available through Raster-Noton’s website.



01. uni c

02. uni fac

03. uni asymmetric tone

04. uni rec

05. uni dia

06. uni iso

07. uni mode

08. uni acronym feat. Anne-James Chaton

09. uni asymmetric noises

10. uni deform

11. uni asymmetric III-IIII

12. uni syc

13. uni asymmetric sweep

14. uni pro




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ok people there is a new RA podcast with Carlsten Nicolai




Can you tell us about the idea behind the mix?


In a way it's kind of an Alva Noto techno-style mix.


Can someone link me up with this mix? Or do I have to sign up to another website that I do not want emails from...

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Man I missed tons of cool RA podcasts because of the same exact reason, I hate when sites do that. I started using fakeinbox.com a couple days ago and it seems to work fine. I just made a RA account for everyone:


Username: dudefuckoff

Password: dudefuckoff

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INTENSE!! I was watching it full screen in a dark room... almost didn't make it, especially as it sped up near the end. Awesome track and awesome video! I'm buying this album as soon as it's released

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fuck [youtubehd]RaAsxo9u8tA&feature=related[/youtubehd]


I like! Not heard much of his stuff before, been listening to the odd album on Spotify (Insen, Unitxt) and I haven't been that impressed on first listen. What should I start with?

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I think I'm more into the idea of Alva Noto than the music itself (Carlsten Nicolai is a very interesting multimedia artist and Raster Noton one of the coolest labels around). If you are looking for techno I prefer Signal's Robotron album, for ambient the Xerrox series. My favorite Alva Noto are the collaborations with Ryuichi Sakamoto, a sort of Brian Eno & Harold Budd for the 21st century.


Not impressed by this?



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