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Scintilli is now early avaiblable on Bleep !!!

Guest TitsAndAcid

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Haha, today I'm on holidays until next monday! Hopefully bleep.com will deliver... now it looks pretty DOSed.

"checkout" -> "Could not connect to the Database"


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a little disappointed that i have to resort to 'other' means of getting scintilli today. pre-ordered the double vinyl & tshirt, and got the email saying the download version is in my account, but it's nowhere to be found, unless i'm missing something. nothing in the 'downloads' section, although the double vinyl order is clearly listed in the 'past orders' section.


have any other pre-ordering types been able to get the legit version? if it's scintilli's release that's causing all these server problems, i'm at least glad plaid has enough demand to do that.



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Guest NapLand

must resist.. wait for vinyl.. but want now :blink:


Folks relax. As soon as the site is back up you can get the vinyl or use your preorder code or whatever to get the mp3 today. It's free with everything else I believe (the cd as well). So it's a good thing. Order the CD (for an extra $7 or whatever it is) and get your mp3's today.

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no problems this end, pre-ordered the double vinyl last week,logged in to my bleep account today and there is SCINTILLI mp3 download in the download section AWESOME!!!


same here... it's just winking at me, saying c'mon... you know you want me! do it, do it now!!!! :spiteful:

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