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i don't this has been posted--i searched and came up with nothing, but i don't fully trust the search function (i always come up with nothing).


tago mago is to be reissued on nov. 14, with a full cd of live tracks + box sets to come.


Can’s krautrock classic Tago Mago turns 40 this year, so the highly influential LP is being commemorated by Mute with a special reissue. The repackaged album will include a full CD of live recordings from 1972, and will surface on Nov. 14. It’s part of a repackaging program that will take in all 14 of the band’s albums, which will be issued as a vinyl and CD box set early next year. This will be followed by another box set in March 2012, titled The Lost Tapes, which will include plenty of previously unreleased material. It’s about to be a heady and extremely poverty stricken time for that krautrock fan in your life. [via The Quietus]



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    • By thawkins
      Incredibly happy to share with you all, a collection of relaxing ambient-krautrock tracks that are the result of a spontaneous collaboration with Berlin-based UFO Hawaii.

    • By thawkins
      Quick links for just getting the good stuff without reading the thread:
      2020 weekly:
      (also on weeklybeats: https://weeklybeats.com/music?s=thawkins&f=8&y=2020&r=3574)
      2019 weekly: https://streak.club/u/thawkins
      2018 weekly: https://weeklybeats.com/music?s=thawkins&f=8&y=2018&r=3574
      I have managed to be on the weekly music train for a year and a half now and it's been really nice for generating ideas and keeping myself active musically even through turbulent real life times. Even though it's been good, recently I am feeling that my mixes and song structure needs a lot of improvement, so I figured if I post some stuff here I may luck out and get some feedback and who knows maybe some people will also like that stuff.
      Also now that I am based back in Europe if anyone wants me to come and twiddle knobs at their party, I'll gladly show up if the plane-train-whatever tickets aren't too much.
      Anyway, let's get this started with this week's instalment: https://streak.club/p/35552/tue-13-aug-by-thawkins
      This is basically another attempt (out of who knows how many) to try and marry krautrock and high-energy electronic music like dnb, 180 bpm hardtek, etc. As it says on the description, it's an old project laying around on my desktop which I cut and shaped together into a sort of mini-mix from a longer and more messed up jam session. I did not have any of the original hardware laying around, so it was a nice limitation to try and use the existing solos-loops to build something. (Also I have not had any monitors for the past 10 weeks roughly, so everything has been purely headphones which I am frankly sick of)
      I think the biggest bother I have with this one is that I keep overusing these dub delay effects to create an ambient hum and fill the stereo image. There's 2 delay busses and 1 huge ambient reverb buss (which is supposed to imitate a post rock style guitar vibe a la Strymon) and all of them have compressors on them which I think is making it a really difficult thing to mix, because most of the stuff goes through 1-2 busses and messes with each other as well (which creates a nice sound I guess) but practically it's hard to isolate and solo one element because they a) always sound nice on their own and b) things get fucky (but also really nice) with the interplay of two or more elements.
      Anyways I think practice makes perfect, got to get monitors ASAP and just soldier on with the weekly things etc.
      Feel free to check out past weekly stuff from the links in my sig.
    • By Thiefinger
      What's your fav krautrock? I'm not an expert on this subject but that's why I'm asking. I want to hear your favorite stuff.
      I love this:

      some of my fav tracks anyway.
    • By thawkins
      This has taken me quite a lot of time to get nicely (haha) polished and done while still keeping on doing all weekly beats things and other stuff going on in my life.
      I hope at least some of you may like it although it really is not braindance or IDM or anything really experimental in that sense.

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