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Trophy Wife - Canopy Shade (Produced by Plaid)

Guest scarkord

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Guest scarkord

Just came across this - sounds a bit like Two Door Cinema Club to me which is no bad thing. Certainly a departure for Plaid though.




With the 'Bruxism EP' Trophy Wife have taken an experimental approach by using a different producer for each track. They travelled to Berlin to work with acclaimed electronic artist/producer Ewan Pearson, then collaborated with Oxford acolytes Yannis from Foals and Andrew Halford. The title track has been produced by James Yuill whilst the EP’s opener brought Trophy Wife together with one of their longstanding musical heroes, Plaid.
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when i first saw this i thought it might be a new album Plaid had produced, like +One, Kushti, some Mara Carlyle and Nicolette, etc.

.. but sadly it's not.

horrible track, imho. i hope they don't produce, or even write themselves, more stuff like this! :wtf: !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Plaid should definitely do another remixes album, like parts in the post (epic album!!)

not these things like, semi-hearted involving in the production of some no ones albums/tracks!

or those, collaborations with southbank gamelan players and so on...are they trying to earn new audience, or are they willing to keep "experimenting"???


dude, Plaid are the most talented musicians in the world and look what the market is absorbing them into! or am i wrong?,,maybe it s just the way things should run after some point....?



i just hope, they give themselves time and space to remix stuff they really like!!

or a really worked on EP, if possible :p

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Sounds like an "electronic" version of Foals. I don't hate it but I don't like it.

That's why i like it. Foals = awesome.




( :wtf: )


sounds like the kinda shit you hear on the radio all the time, or on something like T4, like the background music to some terrible teeny-bobby telly program...

i repeat... :wtf: - awfull

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