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Mark Archer (Altern 8) - Frequency Remixes - Vibert, DMX Krew, & more


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old skool legend Mark Archer (Altern8 / Nexus 21 / Dj Nex) is re-releasing the rave anthem Frequency


The original has been reworked to modern production standards and will be available for free download


there will also be a super limited edition yellow 12" vinyl featuring four new remixes - from Luke Vibert, DMX Krew,

AGT Rave Cru, and Killa Productions (aka Ben Sims & Paul Mac)


you can preview & pre-order here: bandcamp


digital & vinyl will go on general sale on Oct 31st, though to guarantee a copy of the yellow vinyl, pre-ordering is advised!




hmm, sorry about double post! not sure how that happened.....


replies just add to original post....?

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Early DJ reactions:


Lovin' all of em!! Will deffo be playing one of 'em on my Time FM show next week!!

2 Bad Mice


Rave tastic! I still have the Hallucin 8 remix on vinyl These remixes are fun- for sure!

Josh Wink


Big big tunes, love all the remixes. 5/5



Luke Vibert mix is amazing ! but nothing beat the original ! :-) full support ! 4/5

The Hacker


Love it!!! 5/5



Absolutely PROPER ! SO good to hear imaginative remixes of a classic track that won't make me feel dirty playing them! Vibert and Killa Prods are gonna get heavy cainage from me. 5/5

Jerome Hill


Vibert Mix! MASSIVE!!! 5/5

DJ Marc Roberts


Absolute cracking release! Don't know which mix to choose hear, all head and shoulders above.

Mr Sushi (44 / Botchit & Scarper)


Comments: F**king brilliant reinvention of a true classic! 5/5

Nightwave / 8Bitch


Cracker!! 5/5

Si Begg


Brings back fond memories, and particularly the Vibert remix is really fine....

Finn Johansen (de:bug, Macro)


I've wore 'THE mask' and haven't been the same since! Mark Archer doesn't subject us to enough of his craft & this promo has put a big smile on my silly acid face today. Luke Vibert tunes right into the PROPER frequency & I'm jumping all over ...

Unique 3


Well if you're gonna do rave let's have it like this! Proper noise for all people, every mix is band on - stuck between AGT and Ed's mix... Will play to scare the kids! :) 4/5

Affie Yusuf (Tragic Magic / Machines Don't Care)


I wish you could have seen the smile when i realized what song was being remixed here!!! so happy with this release!!!! GOLDEN!!! thanks so much for this! 5/5

Hrdvsion (Wagon Repair)


These tracks not only retrace the past, they etch a parallel groove that is nostalgic, fresh and surreal. 4/5

Digital Nimbus, Kuci 88.9 FM California


Wicked, diverse range of remixes.. Looking forward to getting this on wax! 5/5

Luke's Anger (Bonus Round)


Will be rinsing this! 5/5

Sheffield Bleep (Future Music)


The full package is immense. Will be playing these out and on the radio, all of them! Great work :) 5/5

Luke Handsfree (Plex)


AGT mix smashes it... DMX close second. 4/5

Vinyl Junkie (Fantazia / Konflict Radio)


Phew-weeeeee this is like an industrial backstreet olbas oil for the ears, absolutely unreal! true to the original, but with seriously rude overweight bassline and 'nuff m25 vibes it's a toss up between Luke Vibert's assembly breaks and tighten than a gnats chuf production is mindblowing, extra bass, old skool breaks and a sampletastic garnish make for some extra curricular shape throwing! and DMX Krews Asylum Seekers remix. 5/5

Super Deejay Bobzilla (Mutate Records)


Ah yes... still fresh in my mind from 20 years ago! Vibert's mix is great, whilst he does sort of exactly what you'd expect, he brings it bang up to date and this will work on any floor.... Ed's mix does the same sort of thing but quicker.. AGT add some new angles, ruder chops and some fresh synths...will provide club, radio and chart support... cheers! 4/5

Kone-R (Uncharted Audio)

Vibert mix is obscene. Really made it his own. DMX Krew nails his remix. Loving his groove on it. AGT goes in adding some bass wobble, some great edits and cuts in their piece. Sims and Mac deliver a hardcore techno track. Really difficult picking a fave. On these early listens I'm leaning towards Ed DMX's version. Going to be packing these in my record box for a LONG time. 5/5

DVNT (Mantis Radio)

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