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Thom Yorke DJ Mix For Mary Anne Hobbs


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this video has Thom Yorke's Twist in full.


Wow. Couple things:


1. He was spinning DJ Nate at one of Flylo's gigs so yeah...

2. That sample of the kids...same recording session they used for "15 Step?"

3. Now I feel like he could of play around with older songs and make them juke remixes. I mean, like when he says "THE RAINDROPS" 50+ times in "Sit Down, Stand Up" - he can of made that super footwork-ish

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blatant self promotion really.....


I wonder what the response would be if aphex did something similar...

I don't think many people would be moaning if Afx gave out a fact mix entirely of him and unreleased tunes.....


Just not his style though, he seems to enjoy playing other folks tunes who deserve more attention ;)


and this isn't some slam to Radiohead for the sake of it, I LIKE Thom Yorkes shit (solo work) and his tunes with Radiohead (Kid A and Amnesiac are fine albums, I won't have anyone convince me otherwise) apart from that, I'd rather something lengthier with more variety, just sayin ;)

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